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INTP - The Architect

As one term passes to another, my second year university exams draw ever nearer, thus most of my time has become devoted to revision. Sorry for the delay!

So, to begin the second half of the MBTI series, we shall be looking at INTP: The Architect.

Creative and open-minded, Architects are straight forwards and honest people, often excellent at abstract thinking. When making decisions, the Architect prefers to be rational, pushing emotions to the side, though they are imaginative and often highly emotional, often highly self deprecating, though they keep themselves to themselves and therefore often seem reserved and perhaps come across as insensitive or even condescending. In spite of this, INTPs are often highly enthusiastic people, spontaneous and hating rules. They often become very absorbed with their own thoughts and thus can be seemingly vacant.

A rather straight forward and honest character, though still exceptionally insular, Chuck suffers from a significant amount of self-doubt, often casting himself as insignificant or even as a villain. Receiving divine inspiration, Chuck has an exceptional ability to see that which has happened and that which shall come to pass, which he scribes into the novel format, giving him great imagination, though perhaps not the typical originality of most Architects. He does retreat into himself, thus giving him the appearance of absentmindedness. He is certainly introverted and his lack of social skills often leads him to come across as condescending and insensitive.

The Red Woman, Servant of the Lord of Light, Melisandre is a typical architect character. She possesses the fundamental quality of an INTP: abstract thinking, able to look beyond the details to see the overall picture which lies behind it. In this case, she is able to think about that which lies beyond the War of the Five Kings to look at the more fundamental war between R'hllor and the Great Other. Unlike many INTP, she adores mystery and cloaks herself in illusion. However, she is blatant about her disregard for the other religions of Westeros and her devotion to the Lord of Light. Enthusiasm, if her expression when she is burning the infidels is any indication, is not something that she lacks. Furthermore, she is a highly private individual, lacking openness, whilst also coming across as being fundamentally condescending and lacking respect, certainly towards followers of the Seven and the Old Gods.

A fantastic scientist, Mordin is no stranger to abstract thinking and the exploration of concepts, able to develop excellent strategies with little to work with. Mordin has an open mind, for he is  He is an open and honest individual, though he has certain reservations sharing everything from his past, especially that which relates to his work on the Genophage, thus giving him a private dimension. A typically scientist, he is highly rational, though this is not to indicate that he lacks emotions, for he has a great sensitivity of the feeling. However, he is able to put reason above emotion, when he required. His penchant for pushing emotions aside, often makes that which he says blunt or condescending. He dislikes rules, preferring to exercise his own judgement.

To an extent, August is an honest person, though he is also an excellent liar, as one would expect from the wooden boy. As a writer, he displays an ability to think in an abstract fashion, as well as the imagination and his ability to be original. His self-confidence and guilt are at high levels, especially as he feels that he has betrayed his father. He despises following others' expectations of him and ultimately wishes to live under his own agency.

Adam Ewing
Straightforward and open, though wishing to keep his private life to himself, Adam is a typical Architect. He is honest about society's expectations and how he, as a lawyer, should not be seen to oppose them when he speaks to Autua for the first time, and it takes him quite some time before he is able to move against it. Even then, he reveals Autua's presence to the Captain, in an attempt to live up to the expectations of society. He lacks self-confidence and displays a significant degree of self-doubt.

Passionate about protecting his family though lacking an open mind, Carver hates the rules that have ruined his family and given favour to his older sibling. He lacks confidence in himself, seeking to reclaim it through discovering his roots, though this is ultimately thwarted. Carver is often insensitive and likes to keep to himself, though there are certain features of his personality which he openly displays.

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