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ESFJ - The Provider

Apologies for the delay, University term coming to an end creates a lot of deadlines / events / various things to be getting on with. However, let's continue...

Concluding the second quarter, we come to the Provider.

Above all, the Provider values Harmony. Often feeling great emotions, ESFJs have earnt their title through their innate ability to channel their feelings into the creation of a peaceful environment. This personality type depends on other people for a sense of well-being, and often goes out of their way to try and please others, though this causes an internal conflict, for the Performer wishes to be accepted for who they are, yet often find themselves taking on a new role to please another. They can often become hung up on social status and coupled with their dependance on other people, this can lead to them becoming needy and sensitive to criticism. ESFJs are often sensitive and warm, with keen perceptive abilities. Many Providers have a keen sense of duty, which leads them to become inflexible and dislike improvisation. Despite their emotional dependence, ESFJs are usually confidant and competent individuals, enjoying commanding roles and organising others. Providers are excellent at connecting with others and forming lasting bonds, though this does not impede their inherently practical nature.

Though claiming a demon to be harmonious might at first seem like a stretch, I would argue that Meg does have an common desire for peace than the vast majority of her hellspawned brethren. She has shown an aptitude for loyalty in her service to Lucifer, as well as a desire to become part of a great demonic family with the Devil acting as their leader. Meg has her eye on advancement within the hierarchy she sees him establishing and she very much takes him on as a father figure. In her interactions with the Winchesters, she is witty and light, even if they are surrounded by demonic corpses. At several points, especially towards Sam, she has shown a capacity for warmth and there have been moments when it would not be an exaggeration to say that she has connected to others, especially towards Castiel. Meg always likes to have a plan, rarely up for something completely spontaneous, though she likes to come across as if she is free and easy. Furthermore, though she is willing to bow to Lucifer, Meg loves to be in command, and power is something she evidently values very much.

Lord Renly Baratheon (or is that still King?) displays the central traits of an ESFJ. He is warm and caring, certainly towards Loras, and it is said that the people love him for he is a generous and benign lord, thus showing his ability to connect with others. In spite of his love for life's pleasures, Renly does posses a sense of duty and is shown to be inflexible when faced with the prospect of surrendering his claim to the throne to his elder brother. He is a cautious and sensitive individual, vulnerable to any criticisms he receives and rarely wishing to act without an established plan as well as being very dependant on the attention others give him. Though not necessarily proficient within it, he certainly seems to enjoy any command given to him.

One of the most loyal characters in the series, Kaiden Alenko is one of Commander Shepherd's oldest friends, for the two have served together on the Normandy. Though he does come to doubt the Commander during the second game (and rightly so), by the third game, his doubts begin to evaporate once again. Though he is quiet and cautious, he definitely depends on other people for his emotional well being, seemingly unable to cope without the attention of others. He's a practical man, able to handle himself well in a fight with his biotic abilities. Ultimately he is willing to slot into the team in whichever way the wish, wanting to contribute to creating a harmonious environment aboard the Normandy. He likes to plan, though is loyal enough to the Commander to trust his judgement, even when he does not quite fully understand the reasoning (most of the time).

Prince Charming
Loyal to his family and enjoying the trappings of command, a position for which he is seemingly very suited, Prince Charming displays great warmth and sensitivity to his family, with which he seems to have great interpersonal connectivity. He is a practically minded gent, always trying to get through with the task at hand, this, coupling with his sense of duty, gives him a great sense of dedication when he's fight for those who he values. He is very dependent on his family, more so than most, thus displaying the ESFJ neediness. When he comes under critical fire from a family member, Charming takes it very personally, often retreating or responding passive aggressively, though he does try to smooth things over as best he can. Ultimately, he simply wishes to be accepted by those close to him and believes he has earnt such acceptance through his displays of devotion. He can be closed-minded at times, disliking to move away from a course of action once he has set his mind to it.

Her main role within Cloud Atlas is as a representative of the Prescients, an advanced, yet threatened, culture when compared to the Valleysmen which she is visiting. Though she hails from this advanced civilisation, she cares very dearly for the Valleysmen and tries to further both of their interests, rather than outrightly favouring her own. She treats Zachary with warmth and sensitivity, though she is, at first, spurned. Though she seeks to accommodate their cultural views, she is willing to maneuver Zachary into taking her into the Devil's Ground, a place the Valleysmen have agreed never to trespass upon, thus showing that she is dedicated enough to her goal to be inflexible. She plans, hating the need to act spontaneously, though she is practically minded and more than able to handle herself in a fight, demonstrating an ability to do so even without her advanced technology. When the non-interference principle of her people would lead to the death of Zachary's niece, she becomes very vulnerable to his criticisms of her culture, leading to her breaking their rules, though not without furthering her own goals at the same time. Her goals are driven by a sense of duty she has towards her people, even though many of them see her mission as a fool's errand.

With a background as both a Bard and as a member of the Chantry, Leliana has definitely adopted some of the more charitable tenets of her faith. She seeks to bring relief and benefit to all those she can, thus displaying the Provider's key desire to help all, however she draws the line very sharply, unwilling to help those who openly move against certain doctrines of her faith, such as Maleficarum. Somewhat stubborn, she has a strong sense of duty - bound up with her religious devotions - and a great sense of loyalty to those whom she comes to love. As an artist, of sorts, she has a fondness for tales and songs, and it is through this medium and the knowledge of history and culture that it provides her with, that she is able to connect so closely with others and her environment. Truly, she desires to be respected for her religious experiences and her abilities, hating having to compromise matters of faith to encourage social cohesion. 

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