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The Adventurer - ESTP

To begin the second quarter of our jaunt through MBTI, we shall be discussing the ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) personality, otherwise known as the Adventurer.
These characters are driven by a deep-rooted impulsive spontaneity and a desire to experience the thrill of being. They are naturally adept at learning how to "play the game", whatever that might be, allowing them a keen insight when it comes to dealing with other people, rendering them the ideal salesman character. Due to their yearning for experience, ESTPs are realists, living in the present moment and relishing all they can. Adventurers are often accused of having shallow feelings, though this does not prevent them from feeling deeply for a select few. This shallowness bestows upon them a certain base quality. They are naturally witty individuals, often possessing a way with words and excellent comic timing. In spite of there impulsive nature, ESTPs have a detached rationality, often appearing to become completely different people when the occasion comes.
The characters selected for this type are: Crowley, Tyrion, James Vega, Red/Ruby, Timothy Cavendish and Alistair.

The King of Hell is often described as a salesman character due to this ability to read his mark and play the game, in this case coaxing mortals into making deals which land them in hell, to a very high standard. He is exceptionally witty, with excellent timing, producing positively scathing remarks at exactly the right moment. However, much of his humour is basic, often relying on sexual and homoerotic jokes which, while funny, do not quite display the true extent of his wit. Crowley is also relatively spontaneous, though he is more securely ruled by his rationality, without which he would have never been able to secure his position as King of Hell. He lives in the moment less than most ESFPs, though does display their characteristically shallow feelings.

Whilst he exhibits a degree of control and planning, as is requisite of one in his position, Tyrion is a free spirit at heart. Demonised, to an extend literally, by the tradition into which he is born, Tyrion has a longing for freedom, which instills in him a witty spontaneity (enough to warrant an entire book devoted to his wit). He's an excellent talker, his voice and persuasive ability being amongst he greatest talents. When the Tribesmen of the Vale come to take his life, he somehow manages to leave the situation with a new army. Indeed, he exhibits the typical gamesmanship of an Adventurer, showing himself as quite the player of the Game of Thrones, undoubtedly due to his sense of realism. Tyrion is also very basic at times, his main weakness being women and all the pleasures they may bring him. In spite of his emotional involvement, Tyrion has displayed the capacity to act with detached rationality, though this ability is not without limit. Finally, I would class Tyrion as a thrill-seeker, as he seeks out new experiences, such as pissing off the edge of the wall as well as his many liasons with whores.

James Vega
James is definitely a realist, living in the present and very practically minded. Due to his past experiences, documented in an animated film, he has set himself to the task of fighting the Reapers and, whilst the situation might become steeped in heroism for some, he seems to be in it simply for the end goal, not for the glory it might bring him. He seeks out thrilling, physical experiences, indicated by his constant use of the Normandy for exercise (and the man is built like a truck, let's be honest) and he displays great enjoyment during battle. Though he has displayed strong emotions, James seems able to be detached and rational in some situations.

Red / Ruby
Sheltered in upbringing, Red displayed a desire for new experiences from a young age, a desire only increased by Granny's oppressive manner. She desperately wants her own liberty, displayed by her reasonably "out there" style of dress whilst within Storybrooke, and when she gains a mastery over her "Wolf-thing", she enjoys charging through the Enchanted Forest, seeking her thrill. She is spontaneous and impulsive, though she respects authority, yet this is not for a respect for authority as much as respect for those who hold it at a personal level. She is both reasonable and practical.

Often treating life as a game, Cavendish plays to win and is certainly not a poor player. He was able to liberate himself and his friends from Aurora House through manipulation of the staff and was able to turn Dermont's actions to his advantage. When he has the capacity, he allows himself to act with great spontaneity, as displayed when he comes into money and then proceeds to adopt an affluent life-style. As a publisher and manipulator, Cavendish has displayed a shrewd, salesman-like quality, as often attributed to the Adventurer. Finally, Cavendish has notably shallow emotions, though he does show some development towards a state in which he is able to form lasting relations.

Despite having a certain dream-like quality, Alistair has been forced, mainly due to circumstance, to be practically minded and focused on the present. However, this has not rendered him predominantly serious, for he maintains an excellent sense of humour, consistently displaying a gut-level instinct as to when to make certain remarks to maximise their effect. This makes him exceptionally likeable, allowing others to warm to him, thus rendering him an excellent salesman should he chose to turn his hand to it.

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