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ESTJ - The Enforcer

The second of our ES personalities is the Enforcer.

Primarily, ESTJs seeks to create order and they are highly dedicated to this goal and any of the steps they feel they must take in order to establish whatever it is they are seeking. They often posses strong wills, part of their commitment to their goals, as well as a directness which often leads them into confrontation with others. Often, Enforcers are loyal to those they see as their friends (their friends often sharing, or at least not opposing, the system of order the Enforcer is trying to create). Due to their dedication, ESTJs are often stubborn and find it hard to relax. While they are also known for the judgemental natures, Enforcers often care greatly for their social standing, which are often made more difficult not only due to their blunt natures but also due to their inability to express themselves. Enforcers are often immersed in certain traditions and consider unconventional methods with caution.

The six characters selected for this role are: Dean Winchester, Cersei Lannister, the Illusive Man, Cora, Old Georgie and Fenris.

Firstly, I will make it clear that Dean is a very complex character and I shall acknowledge that he has changed greatly over the nine seasons Supernatural has run. However, I think that one thing which has remained consistent within his character is his devotion to his cause. The order Dean wishes to reify is that of humanity. He wants to cull all the Supernatural monsters and beasts and allow people to live in peace. He is dedicated to this, risking his life to bring it about and he is also judgemental of those who he considers to be non-human. Upon discovering that one of his closer friends had become a Werewolf, he immediately treated him with suspicion, in spite of the fact that they had previously shared a cause, and therefore Dean's loyalty. He is extremely stubborn, even going as far as to kill an innocent woman, simply on principle. However, he is somewhat tempered, not killing the woman's child who exists as the same kind of monster and even liasing with a vampire for a brief period of time. Tact is not something that Dean possesses in vast amounts, though he is able to act reasonably well, many are able to see straight through him and he has a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and being confrontational. Relaxation is something that Dean struggles with, though he does occasionally let off steam through random sexual encounters or drink, though most of the time he simply collapses from exhaustion rather than properly resting. Emotions are not something that Dean is able to deal with, often taking several episodes, if not entire seasons, to reach the point at which he is able to express himself. Finally, the point of being uncomfortable with the unconventional somewhat applies here, for there are some solutions Dean is simply unwilling to consider.

Cersei Lannister
The order Cersei wishes to establish is one in which everybody is subservient to House Lannister, or, more specifically, her, She is willing to do anything to reach this goal, such is her dedication, more than willing to kill even those who declare loyalty to her. For Cersei, only her own blood is not expendable. Though she conceives of herself as a Machiavellian genius, Cersei is far more blunt than she believes herself to be, having gained quite the reputation due to her outspoken sense of entitlement. She is certainly judgemental of those she considers to be her lessers or her enemies, though for Cersei the two are often the same thing. She rarely relaxes, even when she is not actively scheming she's worrying or over thinking something and she is inept at expressing healthy emotions. She often flies into rages and shouts at others, though she is unable to truly express her love for her children or her brother, whom are the only people she cares for. Though she would deny it, Cersei is exceptionally preoccupied with her social standing, which she realises, on some level, to be more precarious than she had feared. 

The Illusive Man
Leader of fanatic, human-based activist group Cerberus, the Illusive Man acknowledges the threat the Reapers pose to the galaxy, but does not see them as something to be destroyed, but appropriated. Though he denies allegations of racism, the Illusive Man seems exclusively interested in remodelling the politics of the galaxy to place humanity in the dominant role. He sees this as revenge for the failure of the Council Races to acknowledge humanity, though in truth he has a deep seated, judgemental prejudice against non-humans. His dedication to this goal cannot be questioned, for he is willing to implant himself and others with Reaper-tech, as well as allow countless people to die, even if they are not directly in his way. He is strong-willed, though not enough to resist indoctrination and, in truth much of his dedication comes from having been so acutely manipulated by the Old Machines. The only emotion he is able to express is anger and, if his implants are anything to go by, we can take it that he spends little time relaxing and not consumed by his goals.

Fundamentally, Cora is driven out of a concern for social standing. Originally a miller's daughter and scorned by some member of the nobility, she has since become consumed with the desire to rule over others, establishing an order in which she and her blood are respected and praised above anybody else. She treats her daughter, Regina, as little more than a pawn in her game, manipulating her openly and forcing her to obey her own will, leading to many of Regina's psychological problems. Cora is direct and stubborn, unwilling to relent when it comes to gaining power, or whatever else she seeks in order to achieve it. Once she has established herself as Queen, she despises anything which challenges her convention and her power, typical of an Enforcer. Cora is undeniably judgemental, for she has a very firm divide between those who she sees as equal and those who she sees as lesser, the majority of people occupying the second category. In terms of emotions, Cora has quite literally removed her own heart, thus stunting her ability to feel, let alone express her feelings.

Old Georgie
Discussion of this character may be rather limited, for he is less a being in his own right and more of a creature of myth whose voice exists as part of the psychology of another character. He is literally the devil, enforcing a code of morality amongst the Valleysmen, most notably the instruction to avoid Mauna Sol, which is the devil's ground. He is direct in his proclamations against some of Zachary's behaviour and unrelenting in his judgement for breaking the moral code he exists to enforce. Anything which breaks the conventions he exists to protect is viewed as a threat and something which should be mercilessly destroyed.

Judgemental does not begin to fully capture the key component of Fenris' character: his hatred of magic and those who use it. Shaped from past experiences, his attitudes are somewhat justified, though he still treats all mages as entirely evil, even if there is no evidence to suggest immortality. No matter the evidence, he stubbornly protests that all magic is evil. Should any mage liberate themselves from what they see as their oppression and challenge the convention, Fenris demonises them and treats them with mistrust, even though he is somewhat able to see their situation as abusive. He is dedicated to his goal of ridding the world of magic, willing to kill innocents and even his own sister. Even if the occasion may call for tact, Fenris is more often direct and overt, unwilling to quiet his beliefs. As a slave, he has suffered emotional stunting, thus he finds intimacy and relaxation difficult, taking years to open up to those who he considers his closest friends.

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