Monday, 22 April 2013

Twenty Two

Here we go!

They told me the valley would be teeming with roses
Now that the icy showers of the winter were long gone
I glance across the wide stretches of green and brown
Though not a hint of red or white seems to present itself
Starkly from the depths of the verdant foliage
Leaves shimmer with such a ghostly sheen
As the silver of moonlight sighs across the skies
Dusk is beginning to take hold of us now
Its wine makes us drowsy and colours the sky with violet whispers
Still, they told me there would be roses and I see not a one
I wonder why they told me this tempting, simple lie
Was ignorance the father or is this a work of malice
Perhaps it is the child of both such families
With a black blood mixed within its slippery veins
Then the apathy takes hold of me and I turn away from it all
Though ultimately I cannot truly distance myself from it
This desire within my heart
This simple wish to walk amongst the roses of the valley

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