Thursday, 25 April 2013

Twenty Five

So, I may have missed a couple of days. Apologies! Here is today!

Bumbling Faith

I find it too distracting, to be when you keep bumbling
Around the narrow interiors of my cranium
Waffling on about one archaic term or another in part
Whilst other attentions settle on your wild schemes
Leaving a stray scrap left watching me
Suddenly I am most lost as to who it is who is
Disturbing whom and whether we are both apparition in equal earnest
Or if one of us haunts the other with greater frequency
We make a strange pair, you and I, or perhaps not quite a pair
Perhaps we shall be forced into each other's arms after dark
When the moonlight whips forth lonely tears, lacking sacrament
Though holiness was never our strong point, was it?
Our house is devoid of an altar, no sign around your neck and
Yet a stud in your ear which could be rumoured to glisten
The closest thing to divinity we really had
Perhaps OUR God will caress us
Lead us away
And yet, perhaps not...

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