Sunday, 21 April 2013

Twenty First

I wrote something longer today! Tell me what you think guys!

The Song

Can you hear them howling as they beat against the walls?
Their rhythm is a toxin that is spreading throughout my mind
Pounding and leaping and striking at my core
Pulling me down to an earthen plateau were lives are ended
In the glorious song and dance of those primeval performers
The way they press those silver flutes to their lips
To conjure such ephemeral sensations in the oldest of hearts
Whose minds have forgotten the songs of their mothers
Instead turning to the deafening wails of a dying culture
Whose blood has long since dried wounds closed
With withered hands to they praise the voices of the now
The song rekindled cannot be broken
We saw them once when we were wandering
Those ancient faces filled with such youthful joy
They who saw the world ablaze in times beyond memory
No longer can they suffer the soundless existence of the between
For the chant has risen again in the east
And its sound cannot be halted by man's desire
Though a thousand hands might rise to hold back the torrent
Their voices become one with the lyrical force
For none can resist channelling this chant
Surrendering oneself to that which is so infinite one's greater
Bowing low until you no longer feel yourself
You are now endless and yet you have no infinity
For you are not you but all
And the song rips open your heart to show you the light
As your mind slithers into the darkest of places until it comes
Riding in from the south with a chorus of hope on its lips
Embracing you with all the power of the collective dreaming
There is no shadow to which you can cling
When the drum beat draws closer
It seeks you out and ignites every thought
Until you can do nothing but open your arms and scream
And in that second of submissive glory
There is no more room in your being for a trace of pain
Everything slips into nothing and you are over
For the song is inside you and it hovers on your lips
You sigh and let it become you for all of time
For there is so little that remains left in the chambers of eternity
Now you are one with the choir
The chant taints your lips and you feel expired
For there is nothing left for you to give
Spent in total, consumed and hollow
You realise what a lie your life has been
For the song has taught you of everything
And you are not within it
For you were never more than a cup of water raised from the ocean
And the song has come for you this day
Its words ring still in your mind
As every part of you becomes undone
You sigh for the last time
As you cease
Resting in non-being
For the song has been sung for you
It is over
It is through.

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