Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Forth Time

Okay, so today has been a slow one. I have, however, managed to produce something else. Here we go:

We protected them

Gave us for what they honoured

Endured blow after strike until

Flayed skin fell from fleshy bones

They wept not but turned

From the unpleasantness that rose

Out of the blood rivers and fetid lakes

Of man’s corporeal glory

They once relished our embodiment

Pressed skin together in laughter

And raised monuments to carnal exploration

Oh so differently we painted their faces

The temples crumbled and doors were slammed

Locked into isolation through fear

Still we clawed through other men

Bathed in their blood and sweat

Tore apart and glued each other together

We revelled in it

Devoured adrenaline with deep gulps

Coated ourselves in heat and ice

It was we who wept proper tears

We save the real

They claimed knowledge

They exhaled reptilian sorrow

We suffer them, whom we love

As we suffered for them

Never a victory

That’s all for today folks!

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