Wednesday, 3 April 2013

On The Third Day

So, it is already day number three of NaPoWriMo. Here is my piece for today:

They ran by black moonlight lit

Pulses raising grim barriers to catch

To drag back with clasping fingers

Ice rending into hearts as minds

Shimmered with faithful fear

As the heretic certainty wed luck

And the air was wiped with warmth

To unseal gray passages with

Salt-based keys of sorrow

Which made all things slow

As gentle breeze caressed flesh

And sprouting content shattered

Those distantly laid boundaries

The floods arrived within minutes

Yet fear gave not a word

For we have seen darker waters

Than this cascading purity

Which did baptise us with nobility

Until God and man laughed together

Makers mingled with the made

Could they forget such joy

Whilst hearts hammered hollow

Or should they even try

To cling to the memories of all before

Whose blood and bones burnt

In unholy fires

Sacrifices given to instil joy

Such loss stained us all forever

Brought us low and sliced

The deep recesses of pride

Until we steadied our unruliness

Drew breath and remembered how to smile

Courage pounced on us

We were claimed by the greater

Peace is the enemy of war

But it was conflict alone

Who was the sire to any

Ghost of tranquillity

So wings were spread in the blooming night

As the endings were penned

By the timid voices behind us

And we let ourselves surrender

For the sake of ascension

I hope you enjoyed it!

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