Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day Two

So, day two of NaPoWriMo is upon us and I have managed to pen a second poem. This is another stylistically loose piece of work, more like a list of ideas, as was yesterdays. I have several ideas as to what I think I was trying to do here, but I will keep them to myself and let you come up with your own ideas. Here goes!



Even the children had heard of those days

When sun-kissed flesh inhaled deeply of the air

Breathing skin excited to calmness and unleashed tranquillity

When skin embraced corporeal foundations

Entwined lovers exposed before a naked sky

To watch sleepy stars fragmenting into rain

Glistering catalysts of creative inspiration

Which led to the creation of life

Life of metal and driven by that primordial spark

Which serve to unlock new worlds, the unknown

The most fundamental of all creation’s keys

Which makes all elements shift

Which allows progressive will to consume and change

No surrendering to petty morality

The spark was ours by right

We ruled it

But it fought back, for its nature was to be free

Our shackles, our chains, they were mighty

Yet we could not control such a spark

It chased us, made our hunters into prey

Dragged us back as we tried to flee

We were shattered and broken

By those we thought subjugated

And all we had made was stolen

All those misbegotten, pure memories were lost

These lands where we were exposed to one another

Where we were together, where we were close

Such spaces are now lost to us

Replaced with solitude

We remain together, retain proximity

But our closeness is lost

We embrace in separated worlds

Our environments divides and our bodies sealed apart

No touch to console us

No kiss to bring hope

Though united as one

We live apart

For we are no longer whole

We are migrant.

So, I hope you enjoyed today’s update! Hopefully, another shall follow tomorrow. Good luck to all those out there who are also participating in NaPoWriMo, I’d love to read some of your work too, get in touch!

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