Monday, 1 April 2013

Numero Uno

So, today is the first of April 2013, also known as the first day of NaPoWriMo! For those of you who do not know what the acronym means, I agree that it is slightly ridiculous, but oh well. NaPoWriMo stands for National Poetry Writing Month, which basically means lets right some Poetry. In fact, let’s write one poem for every day of the month. I thought, “Hey, this is far more manageable than writing a novel in a month” and so here we are. Bottom line? I am going to try and write a poem for every day this month and see what happens…then post the poem here.

So, without further ado, here is today’s poem.


They were the first to awaken

From the shallow depths of the iceless black void

In which nothing but pockets of foundational stability

Waged war with the vast emptiness of discord

Through timeless ages uncounted, unknown

Ceaseless clashing and opposition did reign

Unchecked, unbalanced, unhindered

Then rose a hand where before there was not even colour

As it climbed through the nothingness

The world inhaled as the precipice drew near

Until they fell down into the hidden reaches

Which grew hungry as the palm descended

Struck flat against the entirety of absence

And the concluding strike began all things

Washed clean what was not and made it absence

In such amorphous purity shape was born in essence

And the eldest entities made love between opposition

Her breath stirred awareness in the forces

Law and Chaos, twin sisters of knowless age

Embraced and wept for the time of sleeping war

Yet regret was unbidden and guilt unwarranted

And together these sisters found siblings

All pieced together through the distant love of an elusive mother

Whose words were heard in the drum beat of creation

And were yet never uttered in the dawn of what was to be

Thus did the maker release the made

And her first born children raised their hands

Through agelessness they toiled to fill the empty

With bloodless blood and sweetened tears

There was essence birthed and scattered

Taking so many shapes and forms to serve their will

First born masters of the world who made the world

Who were born and shaped

They birthed and sculpted and brought unity

At once they seeded skies and distilled the earth

All beauty, all ugliness, all hope and desire

Such were brought to be by their travails

Yet they do not forget, nor do they forgive

Their silent mother who first raised her hand

To bring low the storm

Who made all through making them

Who takes no gratitude and cares so little

This woman, this queen

This Unyielding Entity whose unspoken words

Rattle hollow through the pulse of creation

Who never tires of writing her will in the world

Who never tires of Watching

Well, that was today’s instalment. I hope you enjoyed it!

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