Friday, 5 April 2013

The Fifth

So, day five is already here! That’s like almost a week! Anyhow, here’s today’s poem!

We all heard it in the wind one morning

As the branches shimmered as water warped surface

And shadows sighed with satisfied smiles

Painted on every wall and window

Could you know the promises of the night

If you had only ever bathed in light?

Many turn away from the unknown

You must know the unknown fears which creep

Do you not find it strange that the reverse is true?

Paste unknown onto light and we could build a chapel

Allow us to gather and bash

Most odd that we name blackness evil

That darkness is synonymous with badness

How is something as perfect as moonshadows

Seen as some imperfect emptiness

Hollow is the name for it, empty

But night is no void, it is teeming

Those sighs which slither and caress the

Torpid mind in the slender hours of the morrow

When dusk rolls over in supplication

And shadows wander in rank and file

Then do the lives of the nocturnal coil open

And draw sly breaths as the yawning comes

If you find yourself to know them

If they acquaint themselves to you

You can come to understanding

They will take you too…

See y’all tomorrow!

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