Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Today is my birthday, hurrah! Much to do, much to do! However, I have managed to write something for today. Here goes!

I can still hear the distant keys heralding our smiles

Flurrying crescendos pulsate throughout these branches

Every note a precious moment from memory’s vault

Leaves shiver at your passing touch so faintly fleeting

That minute glint of striving in your eye

Though you have no direction but project image

Your turmoil is partially elusive but I know it solid

Tis not the illusion you would have me believe

I am untouched by your machinations

Yet I shall feign capture for discovery?

Risk taken, the trembling appendages do not know

Did you think you could defy the rain?

Try as you might there is no way to avoid dampening

Being rendered ripe by the blissful tears of cycles ageless

You’re sleeping with glazed face

My foot is tapping some alien beat

Flickering lights watch you stir, weary expression lapping

Around the edge of smile-stained face

Your unkempt hair bounces as you speak

Branches snap overhead and you can be heard humming

A song-laden tune of storms, birthing winds

Will the trees do as good a job of clemency as I?

When I turned from one fleeting embrace to another

Eventuality dissolving you into distant dusts

I heard your whisperings in the twilight between passions

Sought for the lips which imparted them life

They were hidden until the closing remark

When our non-being of matrimony became ephemera

So much I cannot recall

But I was always cursed to share in suffering

A twinge of happiness I thought might be mine

Though you sought my annihilation

Which never came due to my committed endurance

I was the one stone your tide could not sweep away

The rare one to not relinquish

This baptism was not an easy one

I never welcomed it

Though I am beyond it now

Have a good day!

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