Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Day Ten

Okay, so I haven’t actually had time to write something new today. Instead, I thought that I would share with you an older poem I wrote a little while ago. I quite like it. Here goes!


I am light, I am right, I am one too strong to fight
My will is final and my strength empowered
I shall endure all pains and sufferings without tear
I shall leave nothing to the forces of chance
For I fight with the will of the collective and
Though I am alone I shall not be outnumbered nor overwhelmed
My light consumes all who would bear arms against me
Never shall my step falter or stray
For I cleave a path in the dark
For I hack down that which impedes
Call me as you will, either way I rule you


I know it was short, but there you go! I hope all the other NaPoWriMo people are having fun with this month!

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