Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Eleventh Day

Okay, so I’ve written something slightly more structured today. I’ll keep the style hidden, see if you can spot it!

It started on the forth day

After the moon had wandered far

Without those special words to say

We sought out that celestial star

In the hidden reaches so cold

With black void of immortal scar

It rains upon us in that white gold

Shards of glimmering black ice

Such a consuming sight to behold

A roll of the Olympian dice

Smouldering all the world in light

Enacting a devouring price

Incinerating that blackest blight

Which festers in the hearts of man

Glorifying the very sin it sought to incite

Darkness form which we ran

Rather than stand and face

Something we were no greater than

That which we could never erase

Which sought to take all

Only to vanish without a trace

Thanks for reading!

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