Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Champion - ENFP

So we have reached the penultimate entry in the MBTI series, but all good things must eventually come to an end. Once I have finished the final entry, which will be ENFJ, I may have a couple more entries to round things off, we shall see. For now, however, we shall focus on the Champion, ENFP.

ENFPs are excellent communicators, often forming the centre of a social situation due to this, for it allows them to be well-liked and exceptionally popular. This affinity for communication allows the ENFP to be social observant, noticing things about other people which they may miss. They are friendly people, able to form emotional connections to others with ease and, as with most Extroverted types, they thrive off their connections with other people. This emotional openness can, however, often become a weakness if the ENFP does not seek to gain some kind of control over it, however, this weakness does not lead to emotional dependence on others, for Champions are often very independent people.  Furthermore, this social aptitude can lead to a certain degree of practical ineptitude. Champions are open-minded and seek out new people, environments and experiences, seeing their comfort zone as something to be expanded, rather than maintained. Focus is something that ENFPs can find difficult to achieve, for they tend to live relatively spontaneous lives, with planning not necessarily one of their strong suits. Finally, ENFPs tend to be "highly strung", which means that they often experience stress and over-think the things which happen in their lives. 

The lovable goon, Garth is a curious individual who displays a complete lack of practical aptitude and who has demonstrated time and time again that he is unable to remain focused, even when it comes to hunting jobs. It is a miracle that he is still alive, all things considered. In spite of this, Garth pursues the career, for lack of a better word, of hunter with great enthusiasm and energy. Though we have seen relatively little of him, Garth seems to be an open and emotional individual who may be prone to the weaknesses this can entail.

A character who has changed significantly through the course of the books and the TV series, I think it is helpful to note that, whilst I would argue that several of the ENFP qualities are retained by the later Arya, when planning this, I did have Arya as we first see her in mind. We are introduced to Arya as this friendly, feisty and curious individual, unafraid to challenge the status-quo. She is exceptionally independent of other people and is, in some ways, a bane to her parents due to her observant nature, making it hard to lie to her or to deceive her. She is a good communicator, though she does seem to have a tendency to over-think things. In the beginning, Arya is an energetic and enthusiastic character, fitting perfectly the category of ENFP.

As military commander and C-Sec agent, Garrus has been forced to deal with his fair share of diplomatically difficult situations. Whilst he would prefer to deal with most of his problems with his sniper rifle, he is certainly no stranger to softer means of approaching things, willing to talk things over, demonstrating his abilities as a communicator. Though often forced to keep them under control, it is evident that Garrus is an emotional individual, popular with other people as well as approaching everything with an approach that betrays an emotional intelligence. He does tend to over-analyse things and certainly likes his own space. Garrus is one of the most iconic characters of the Mass Effect series, and for good reason. His central position both contributes to and is a symptom of his ENFP type.

Having been forced to be independent from a very young age, Emma is fiercely private and it takes her a little while before she is comfortable revealing herself. When she does, however, she displays a deep emotional core and exceptionally awareness of others, including the ability to know when someone is lying to her or not, and is almost immediately established as a pillar of the community within Storybrooke. Her main mission, the protection of Storybrooke and its residents, which are her friends and family, is something she pursues with great fervour, devoting a huge amount of attention to it, whereas she is somewhat liable to become distracted by lesser tasks. 

The Abbess
A minor character, though an important one, at least in my opinion, the Abbess is the very centre of Zachary's community, and through the religion, she binds the people together. She is well liked and evidently able to communicate with her people easily. The Abbess is the very symbol of pastoral care, dealing with the emotional problems of her community like a mother. Finally, the Abbess is not practically inclined, unable to deal with physical challenges, or protect her community from invasion.

Though she is not universally liked and though she can appear to be self-centred and uncaring, Isabela is a very typical ENFP type. She has the ability to charm others, even Aveline comes to consider her a friend by the end of their time together, even if she never openly admits it. In true Champion style, she possesses a deep emotional awareness, even if she tries to separate herself from it, though she only does this because she suffers from the weakness emotional awareness can bring. Isabela is a woman full of desires and those desires are so numerous and so ephemeral that she lacks the ability to focus on one or another. In truth, she is highly changeable, though no less central to the group. A perfect ENFP.

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