Thursday, 19 June 2014

ENTP: The Inventor

So we begin the final quarter of the MBTI series with the Inventor, ENTP.

Inventors often have very vibrant personalities, imbuing them with a certain Charisma, with comes with both quick wits and an air of confidence, even if beneath the surface they may lack real self-confidence (not to imply that ENTPs usually lack such). Their wit makes them quick-thinking and knowledgeable, allowing them to make decisions on their feet and generate new ideas. Inventors, as the name might suggest, are good at coming up with new approaches to old problems. ENTPs fight for their ideas, sometimes with a little too much vigour, leading them to perhaps treat others with a lack of sensitivity. Inventors usually see arguments and discussions as a prime method for testing and improving their own skills, and thus relish the chance to participate in them when they can. Of course, this can often upset the more sensitive types. Furthermore, when they encounter those who cannot defend their ideas or who try to avoid being challenged, the Inventor can be dismissive and intolerant of these alternative approaches. Inventors are ideas oriented people, they dislike getting bogged down in the practicality and function of things and instead chose to focus on the grand concepts and bigger picture. Due to this, the routine and the mundane bore them and there desire to explore as many ideas as possible occasionally lead to their being unable to remain focused on one at a time. 

As the first demon, Lilith is certainly original. She has a high level of dedication and focus on her goal, the liberation of Lucifer, thought she pursues this through multiple routes at the same time, leaping from plan to plot to scheme with great ease. She is eager and willing to invest a huge amount of time and resources into getting what she wants and is evidently pursuing an old goal, (Lucifer has, after all, been imprisoned for a long time) yet she is doing so in a new way, a way which is thwarting the Angelic attempts to stop her. She argues for her goals, and is intolerant of any alternative viewpoint, in fact able to, somehow, twist alternative points of view to strengthen, at least from her own perspective, her own arguments. Though she seems to be incredibly focused and consumed by the practical details of her mission, Lilith is ultimately for oriented towards the general ideas at work behind it. 

Kissed by fire, Ygritte is a free-spirited and feisty individual, who is exceptionally capable, able to think on her feet and handle herself in almost every situation. She is charismatic and charming, able to woo Jon Snow without that much difficulty. She is, however, evidently ideas focused. Ygritte cares more about the idea of Mance's army, the idea of taking the wall and escaping into the southern lands of Westeros. She fails to heed Jon's warning as to how terribly they will fare should they manage to cross the wall, in fact she is downright unwilling to listen to anything that he actually says. Alternative viewpoints, anything outside her Wildling thinking is de facto wrong. There is a certain admirable quality in the energy with which she chases her goal, though ultimately, we know she is doomed to fail.

Bred to be the perfect Krogan, Grunt is violent and agressive from the moment he leave his tank. He argues and faces every problem with brute force, lacking the Charisma inventors often possess. Though he faces all problems with force, he is an able tactician, capable of thinking laterally about combat situations, coming up with original approaches to such situations, thus he demonstrates the ideas focus and originality of the ENTP. He is still more focused on the ideas, even though he is able to follow through. Grunt has been bred with he Krogan mindset and thus anything outside of that is considered weakness and wrong. He does not tolerate the views of others. 

Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter knows a great deal about the different worlds and how to move between them, knowing primarily that his own ability to do so is limited. From the moment we meet him, we see that he is erratic, able to focus on multiple strands of thought at the same time, though this means he cannot focus on one thing at a time, save for an overarching goal. When he wants to achieve a goal, anything contrary to that is seen as something either irrelevant or something not to be tolerated. He is somewhat charismatic, certainly possessing a certain charm.

Argumentative and possessive, Vyvyan is charismatic, though not in a charming way. He is self confident to the point of arrogance and whilst he may have been an influential and original composer, he has lost his talent and has thus become a monstrosity, stealing from others and manipulating them to his own ends, despite the cost to them. He is insensitive, willing to suppress the liberties of others if he seeks to gain from it, and he is furthermore intolerant, he uses Robert's bisexuality as a weapon against him. Vyvyan is a key example of an Inventor who has lost touch with his own ability and the loss of his affinity for ideas as left him with arrogance and self-certainty which are no longer warranted. 

Our handsome elven assassin is among the most charming and charismatic characters in the Dragon Age universe. He is energetic and keen when he is interested in something, though his attention span seems to leap about, moving from idea to idea, from person to person. It can be difficult to get him to focus on something for a long period of time, and he seems to lack an interest in forward thinking, at least on the surface, thus indicating a lack of interest in practical matters. As a successful assassin, he is not entirely devoid of practicality, however, for he is able to plan and think and reason and then carry through with what he has been considering. He can perhaps be slightly insensitive, though not overly, and seems to be mostly tolerant of other people. Zevran is an original individual, constantly displaying his cunning and ability to adapt. 

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