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The Protector - ISFJ

This entry shall complete the first quarter of the Myer's-Brigg's entries. Here, we shall be examining ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging), dubbed "The Protector".
Service is the defining feature of an ISFJ's life and, in a strong sense, it is what they live to do. A Protector will only feel comfortable when they are able to devote themselves to another individual or a cause, always casting themselves in useful, serving roles. This work-ethic makes ISFJs highly dependable, always producing good quality results as well as giving them the capacity for deep-seated loyalty, though this is more often devoted to individuals rather than organisations. Their desire to support and assist others leads to family having a huge role in their lives, with the Protector often seeking to put them before his or herself. They are awful at delegating, preferring to do all the work themselves, knowing that they are able to do it to a high standard and often display keen analytical skills. Finally, ISFJs commonly keep their observations to themselves, though they will share them should the need arise or should one of their close friends ask them for input.
The six characters I have selected for this role are: Kevin, Varys, Liara, Mulan, Isaac and Aveline.
As a prophet of the Lord, Kevin is divinely selected for service. Though he takes some convincing to begin with, he eventually settles into his assisting role which, in spite of the stress it causes him, he appears to be willing enough to endure. He shows evidence of having developed loyalty to the Winchesters, though his ultimate loyalty is to his mother, family taking the typically centric role. He is supportive, even at an emotionally level and often keeps himself to himself, though he does open up when prompted. Kevin is certainly an analytic individual and this is shown not only in his ability to interpret the tablets, but also in his knowledge of mathematics, which he was studying prior to his reification as a prophet of the Lord.
Lord Varys serves the realm above all else and, though he wields considerable influence, he seems to use very little of it to further his own position, instead furthering a broader goal of attempting to protect the realm from war. He is loyal, yet uncommonly for a Protector, he is not necessarily loyal to individuals but to the institutions those people represent. He is loyal to the crown and to the realm it protects, but not to King Robert or King Joffrey. He is analytic, displayed in his ability to coordinate the extensive networks of knowledge he has access to and turn the sheer amount of information to his advantage. Though his role is that of advisor, Varys cannot be accused of not keeping things to himself, as he has so many secrets and so much information that he keeps concealed, using them only when to do so furthers his cause of serving the realm.
Liara is an archaeologist, giving her already extensive analytic abilities, which are only improved by her becoming the Shadow Broker. She has an exceptional work-ethic, which is exemplified in the third game by her ceaselessly working on projects to protect the galaxy from the Reapers. A conversation with her in a café on the Citadel reveals that even on her "time off" she is working. Trusting in her own abilities, she does not seek to pass off any of the work-load to others, instead seeking to do as much of it as she can by herself. She is at first a shy character, unwilling to share her thoughts unless invited, though this becomes more of an obstacle as the plot develops and Liara is forced to come out of her shell further. She is reasonably family oriented, influenced by her mother, though she is willing to oppose her when matters require it. Liara turns the Normandy crew into a pseudo family, which she then seeks to protect and nature and serve.
Bound by an oath of service and protection, Mulan is introduced to us as a character who is content to devote herself to the service of others. She develops strong personal loyalty, and more, for Aurora and seeks to support others, even those to whom she is not bound by oath. She is reasonably outspoken, but it is not uncommon for her to keep her thoughts to herself. As a talented fighter, she is more than dependable, able to fulfil her oath of protection. Overall, Mulan is a healthy example of an ISFJ.
As a minor character, not much is known of Isaac and he is given limited development in the novel. We can see his desire to be helpful, for he is quick to try and help Luisa as she hunts for information as to the conspiracy, though this is perhaps due to his romantic interest in her. Clearly, however, Isaac is capable of developing intense personal loyalty, specifically toward Luisa, the strength of which is enough to lead him into risking, and eventually losing, his own life. As a scientist, he can also be considered a likely analytic figure, though this is only hinted at in the small portion of the novel in which his voice is presented to the reader. Finally, he evidently keeps his opinions to himself, for he does not speak out about the likely failure of the reactor, not until his loyalty pushes him into it.
Aveline cares for her husband and, though not much time is given to his character in the game, with his death occurring rather near its beginning, it is clearly a huge loss for her. Should she eventually enter into a relationship later in the game, however, further evidence is seen of her devotion to those who she considers to be her family. Aveline is loyal to her guards, though this is not loyalty to the office of the Viscount, though she naturally holds it in high regard, but rather a more personal loyalty to the guardsmen serving under her. She is dependable and hard working, risking herself in the political scene in order to get the job done. Her dedication leads to great weariness, for she seems unwilling to delegate her responsibilities to those beneath her, not a sign of disbelief in their abilities, but a quiet certainty in her own capacities. Aveline is supportive of her friends, even if she might not approve of their choices or methods.
That draws to a close our coverage of the IS (Introverted Sensing) personality types. In the next entry, I will be taking a look at ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving), the Adventurer, the first of our ES types.

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