Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Final Day

So in total, I’ve missed several days this month. However, this is the last day, so here is my final entry. Thanks for reading!

They walked hand in hand as the heartbeat became them
Casting handfuls of ice and gravel into the wind to see which way it would fly
And for how long could such clusters of matter be held aloft
They sought such answers in the idle mornings of the first days after arrival
For such was a time of languor and disquiet of the worst kind
When boredom had bred in their bones and their lips were tainted with many sighs
Calling out in the gale was a single voice, perhaps answered by a distant second
They never really understood which way they were meant to be facing
When the rain came they wore sour faces, mouth corners pulled low
But the water was a breath of life to an already dead landscape
Yet the ice began to weep until it was undone by its kin
Together they slithered down into the crack of barren earth
Where they sought to plunder the secrets of the ancient earthen giants
Whose dreams are all that remain, cast in stone and metal
But the fires were burning all through the night
Smoke coiled up into the black abyss of stars and monsters
They told us of the terrors as we huddled close to the heat and light
Blood ran down their faces, mingling with their tears and their doubt
Though all knew that soon enough the dawn would come again
With a hurricane to sweep away the smoke
Together they stood in the proud morning
Naked as their day of birth, flesh smeared with dirt
For they had been out of doors all evening, bathing in the natural
Which marked them for its own
Their hands were frayed and torn from exposure
Skin once so pure and light now withered from the glow of the outside
There was fear in their mouths when the wind stopped then
Dead was the sky and unmoving in the night
They turned to one another with quivering lip and yet no comfort was passed
Sitting, they turned their heads to the sun
Only to find it was concealed behind a black cloud, promising rain
The kiss of life on dying skin
Only more death was served
They curled up in the downpour
Hoping for rebellion and salvation
Neither was worth the cost
Instead they slept
Their dreams cast in wind and rain

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