Monday, 15 April 2013


Sadly, no new poem today, but I will be sharing an old one. The first day back at Uni has tired me out, I fear! Well, here is the other poem!

One Mask

One Mask that hides,
What lies behind it,
That simple shape,
Does it conceal a being so pure a lovely that I might adore it?
Or is there naught but flesh and blood?
Questions spinning,
Only the masked one has the answer,
And no words come from those emerald lips,
Stained with the dark blood,

One Mask that sees,
Glittering gems gaze out,
Their crystalline vision that commands,
One look,
They fall as puppets to another,
A cruel laugh,
Do they laugh or is it the mask,

One Mask to harm,
How I desire it,
One glimpse behind that mask,
Then I might know,
I would be completed in a moment of knowledge,
As a ragdoll I would fall,
Discarded by the hands of the children we call gods,

One Mask to heal,
I want it,
Though doubt like a haze,
Clouding reason,
Crushing Focus,
Should the mask be more lovely?
Should the one behind it burn with hatred,
Do i want to see beyond the simple facade?

One Mask to bless,
The temperate beauty that waits,
Should it be that the mask only grants more to the bearer,
A streak of grandeur,
Could one ask to remove it then,
If it would only serve to take,

One Mask to curse,
What of the mask?
Could it be a curse,
Those grand flames behind,
Are they nothing,
Dwarfed by the mask?
If this was,
Tear the mask and let blood cleanse the wounds of its bearer,

The Mask,
The Masked,
Undying Devotion,
One that has never been known,

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