Friday, 19 April 2013


So I may have missed a couple of days. University has been demanding. Apologies! Here is today’s poem.

Seven Bridges

We built seven bridges and gave them each a name
Though naturally we could not cross them all together
For the ages cast down their rough blankets, coarse and harsh
Those coursing rivers boiled down into the dirt
Leaving us with ruined towers and dark trenches
Those scars in our earth which crumbled down into the terrain
Until our bridges found their way back to the dust
And those cold fires we call the stars fell in their thousands
Tiny flakes beyond sense rending at our constructions
Leaving our inventions in the ground
Without sunlight to remind them why we build those bridges
Now there are no rivers to cross
Though now there is no place worth venturing towards
For those stars kept on falling, failing to find purchase
And as for those ages with their magic blankets
They fell too and now they are forgotten and it serves them right
Because they took it all form us, from you, from me from them
And now the world is barren and only blood fuels its heart
The same heart we once loved and praised and wished to know
Now so cold so empty and we despise it and its words
Like everyone else we wanted to die in the end
But the ages are dead and time is lost to us all
So you and I, we wait here, surrounded by our failed children
Trying to make sense out of deathlessness
And without a breath of fresh air to enter our lungs
Decades of suffocation without a voice to add to the symphony
You smile at me and I smile back
We are without salvation and yet we have all we need
For what use are words in a world when nobody can hear anything?

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