Tuesday, 10 April 2012


So technology is a rapidly expanding industry, with new and ever more exciting gadgets bursting out onto the market year after year. In the last decade, mobile phones have advanced so much so that if a phone can’t get internet and connect to facebook/twitter then we call it an old phone. We the developments in terms of computers and such, we are now able to do more with technology than ever before, giving us very comfortable lives in comparison with countries in which technology is not of the same level. Could there possibly be a downside to this?

Of course there can be! The main problem with this technological advancement is the fact that it is continuing to damage our ability to function as human beings. The ability to talk to people all the time via the internet without having to see their face is harmful to our ability to interact socially. Not only that but websites such as facebook and twitter (I use both) can also be harmful to the phenomenon of privacy. The number of times I’ve seen someone post something on facebook as a way of letting off steam is very high. Not only that, but once they have done this, there is a high chance that someone else will think that because it is on facebook, they have a right to be involved, and thus problems ensue.

Also, think of the attention spans of children. If they are used to being entertained by technology every waking hour, how are they ever going to cope when they have to wait for something or when they don’t have access to their technology? The probable answer is that they are not…

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and all the benefits that it brings us. However, I just think that we should not turn it into a dominating factor that rules over our lives. Instead, we should attempt to not use technology all the time. Perhaps going outside and meeting up with people in the flesh is better than a Skype conference call (for those lucky enough to have the option of a Skype conference call).

Just something to think about…

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