Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Endless Policy

Modern day politics in Britain is broken. Why? Because it’s not working. How so? Because we still have the same problems now as we did ten years ago, if not more. Not only do we have these problems piling up around us, but we also have the same type of person attempting to run a government, still suggesting the same things and making the same promises. As always, once power is given to them, those promises are gone and they do absolutely nothing productive…at least in 99.9% of cases…though I struggle to find a recent policy which has been right in any way.

Though I don’t claim a great clarity of understanding when we consider politics, I do think that one thing is clearly evident: We can’t fix the current system using the current system. I think that this has become apparent. Every time someone has attempted to do this in the past it has failed miserably or made things worse. I would liken it to trying to replace the batteries of a television remote with batteries of exactly the same charge. All you end up with is something equally bad if not worse.

Thus, the only thing I can see that can be done is a major reform of the whole system. That seems to me to be the only way in which we can actually sort out half of the political issues facing our country. Until we make some major changes to the way our system works, we are trapped in a spiral of gradually decreasing ability to do anything. Eventually it may be too late.

Just a thought…

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