Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cancer of our Culture

Tonight, I read something which has actually sickened me something incredible. There is an article on the Daily Mail, as if any of us expected any better from such a site, which details that a Head Teacher cancelled a school trip to a Mosque, one which could have probably given the children from Orleans's Infant School an insight into the Islamic Faith, because she feared that the death of Bin Laden could have provoked Terrorist actions and she was concerned for the safety of the children. This is naturally rather stupid, however, it was not what provoked me into writing this. No, what provoked me were the comments on this page.
The people on this site had the audacity to say things like visiting a mosque with an infant school is brainwashing or that the children should be learning something useful instead. Also, these comments were hit with floods of “likes”. Not only that but anyone who posted reason on there was immediately met with hundreds of people “disliking” their comments.This all has illuminated to me one very simple fact: that obviously we need more religious education and such in our schools because, quite frankly, the people who are commenting on these sites are ignorant.
I'm speaking nothing but the truth when I say that the level of intolerance that they have displayed is completely uncalled for. They think that learning to accept other peoples views and gaining a more world-oriented perspective is a negative thing? Obviously so, considering that any opposing view was immediately shot down simply because it preached of the good side of R.E and such.
Honestly, this intolerance is the cancer in our culture and it is simply spreading. There are many people who would agree with me and I am sure that any intelligent person would agree with me when I say that those who set themselves in one position and then refuse to budge out of sheer stalwart stubbornness is ignorant and, more often than not, wrong in how they’re thinking.
These little people who know so little of the world around them and yet are so quick to make bold, sweeping claims about other cultures of which they know absolutely nothing, they are the spreaders and purveyors of this sickness we call our culture. Something needs to change, or Britain is going to be consumed with its complete, ignorant hatred of almost everything.

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